At LASHDADDY our teams’ mission is to accentuate eyes of all colors, shapes, and sizes, unleashing their true SEX APPEAL. We use only the highest QUALITY products and work solely with the most elite artists in the industry. A LASHDADDY artist possess something you can't teach... PASSION. Passion for our craft, our clients, and our responsibility to empower anyone and everyone to feel beautiful, confident, and powerful. It is team LASHDADDYs’ continued commitment to not only use but also provide the softest, most premium, cruelty-free, lashes available globally. It is important to us to help lash artists around the world create a premium service, allowing them to excel past their wildest LASH fantasies.

We believe everyone should have access to the best of the best when showing off those beautiful baby blues, breathtaking browns, hypnotizing hazels, glamorous greens, awe-inspiring ambers, remarkable reds, and gorgeous grays!


From our lashes to our salons, LASHDADDY takes pride in creating a luxurious, sexy, and comfortable experience for everyone. Our salons provide a relaxing, semi-private setting without making you feel like you are in a stuffy closet. Each of our artists are licensed by the state board of cosmetology, and also go through rigorous QUALITY checks to make sure the health of your natural lash is NEVER sacrificed.

We foster an educated, PASSIONATE, and intelligent community of lash artists who work collectively to make sure team LASHDADDY is the best in the business. LASHDADDY genuinely cares about our clients always creating lasting relationships with them.

Whether you are a client looking to give your lashes the boost they’ve been missing, or a lash artist looking to take their work to the next level, LASHDADDY is here to open your eyes to the QUALITY, PASSION, and SEX APPEAL you deserve.
is honored to be a part of your
and strives to exceed all of your expectations.